Frequently Asked Questions

Its allowed more than one account per individual?

There may be more than one account per household,
however each person registering an account must have a
separate computer and separate ISP to participate in our program.

How much does the program cost?

You as POWERLINE-2UP Turbo Team Partner should refer at
least one new Team Member into this new exiting Program
and tell them to do the same !

You as SPONOSOR will give a €39.- PIF (Pay it Forward)
(+ €3.5o Card delivery cost) one time to your refered Team Member !
all following Member will do the same !

Now you can build your own POWERLINE 2UP with new Members
All your Team Members will follow-up you !
Each POWERLINE-2UP Turbo Team Partner will receive

€39.- POWERLINE 2UP (Pay it Forward) - You may earn:

1 x Vario Gold Card (Wert = €59.-)
EM Silver Coin Team Bonus (Wert = €10.- )
8 x € 20.- = €160.- Powerline 2Up Provision !

Video-Clip (click!)

Now take action and refer one new POWERLINE-2UP
Turbo Team Member to get advantage of PRO Membershipment !

How can I log into your POWERLINE 2UP Account?
- with your own USERNAME and PASSWORD !

POWERLINE 2UP is a FEEDER Program for fast Teambuilding !

How can I cancel my account?
Send E-Mail to :
Subject: Chancel Account

How can I change my personal information?
Make LOGIN into Backoffice of POWERLINE 2UP Program
and make alteration of your personal information there !

I live outside the Europe, can I join?
Yes, we welcome all International Team Partner.

Earnings Questions:

You have to build your own POWERLINE 2UP
You should make €39.- PRO UPGRADE (Feeder) onetime to your Member!
Now you may build your own Powerline 2Up !
8 x € 20.- = €160.- Powerline 2Up Provision !

€39.- POWERLINE 2UP (Pay it Forward) - you may earn:

1 x Vario Gold Card (Wert = €59.-)
EM Silver Coin Team Bonus (Wert = €10.- )
8 x € 20.- = €160.- Powerline 2Up Provision !

Video-Clip (click!)

Each Team Partner will follow you automatically to fill your POWERLINE 2UP !

Do you charge Fees or collect Funds:

YES and NO ! POWERLINE-2UP it is a FEEDER Program to give
assistance to build your POWERLINE 2UP !
all Funds are invested 100% into both Programs
Only for "Handeling" = VarioGold Card delivery cost
we request €3.5o Fee

How to pay the Registration ?

You may not pay any Registration Fees at POWERLINE-2UP
thereafter make a PRO UPGRADE of €39.- onetime !
to a new refered Member (+ €3.5o Card delivery cost)

Please confirm to agree and - accept our AGREEMENT FORM
Membershipment in Teambuilding !

Referral Questions:

How can I refer other intersted Members?
You will receive your own Referral Website with your own URL from your Sponsor
You can advertise your Link, or a Banner at your favorite PTC site, surf site, text !
you may add your Referal URL to your email signature.
You can give out flyers or advertise in any way you wish!
but we do not tolorate Spamming !

What is my referral link?
You will find Your personal Referral Link at your personal Referral Link Page"

What can I earn through referrals?
About Charges (additional Fees) to buye GOLD or SILVER
CROWDFUNDING ..... please ask your Sponsor or
send E-Mail request to:

Each member is given ample warning to pay PIF (Pay it Forward)!
We in Teambuilding believe to finalize "PRO" Upgrade within 72 hours !

You make the PIF for new refered 2UP Member as soon as possible!
Any member can make prior arrangements with the admin of the site
to pre-pay if you will not be around during the payment period!
You have plenty of time to pay your "PRO" Upgrade

Can I get a refund at POWERLINE-2UP ?
NO - Please check Terms & Conditions or ask your Sponsor

€39.- POWERLINE 2UP (Pay it Forward) - You may earn:

1 x Vario Gold Card (Wert = €59.-)
EM Silver Coin Team Bonus ( Wert = €10.- )
8 x € 20.- = €160.- Powerline 2Up Provision !

Video-Clip (click!)

Furthermore you gain access to the software or advertising packages

When you will SIGNUP first time - you get a "FREE"
POWERLINE-2UP Membership !
So once you hit the "PRO" Membership Button,
Your paid €39.- PRO UPGRADE will not refunded !

Now the moment you have made €39.- PRO UPGRADE (+ €3.5o Card delivery Fee)
You are qualified as "PRO" POWERLINE 2UP Team Member
You may build your own POWERLINE 2UP !

Advertising Questions:

I have a website I would like to advertise, where can I find information on your
different programs and costs?

please visit the specific section of the Network Program for complete details.

I have questions not answered, what can I do?
Send a request using our Contact Form or send
E-Mail request to:
and supply as much information as possible
so we can solve the problem in a timely manner.


Team Building Program Strategy:

Haftungsausschluss und wichtiger Hinweis: G.Raich stellt lediglich das Marketing, die Software und die Präsentation zu Verfügung und haftet generell nicht für die in der Präsentation getätigten Zahlen, Erträge oder Ergebnisse. Er ist wie alle weiteren Partner, die dieses Marketing und die Software nutzen nur ein eigen-und selbstständiger Affiliate Partner. Für alle Ergebnisse, die Sie durch das in den Präsentationen gezeigten Unternehmen erreichen oder nicht erreichen, sind ausschliesslich Sie selbst verantwortlich. Wenden Sie sich also immer direkt an das Unternehmen.

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