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Paid Members: 4610
Commissions Paid: $110,261.00
Last updated: Feb 22, 2010


Angela Holmes:

Great job... I am loving this program it's so easy to promote and works extremely fast.. Thank you so much - Angela Holmes

Ruby Cahill:

Thank God for Supreme2x2. Going from program to program, I am so glad I didn't give up. This program has been an answer to my prayers. Only been in less than a week, already cycle more than once. Not only have I cycle, members of my team have cycle also. This program will give me the extra money I need to get out of debt. It fill so good getting those $100's into my Alertpay account, thanks to Supreme2x2.

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How does this work?

This program is very simple and easy to use. And can generate huge sums of cash in commissions in a very short amount of time.

Basically, all members who join Supreme2x2 become buyers/re-sellers of the digital products we are selling and can earn commissions by referring people to Supreme2x2 and generating new sales/re-sellers. Members may also use and sell the products elsewhere and keep 100% of the revenue.

Everyone joins the program for a low one-time fee of $33. For this fee members get life time membership into the program, quality products with resell rights, and the ability to promote this program and earn commissions with it.

Once you join, you will receive an activation email containing a link that you will need to click on to get activated. After you activate, you will get access to your back office from where you will need to make payment in order to open a new matrix and earn commissions.

You are now set for life.

You now open a new empty 2x2 matrix (with 6 spots) that need to be filled with re-sellers/referrals in order to cycle. "Cycling" is referred to as a completion of your downline, meaning that the 6 positions under you need to be filled in.

These six positions can be filled through various ways:

You can directly refer people through your referral link. (You get a $20 bonus every.time your direct referrals cycle)
Your sponsor/upline can refer and therefore cause spillovers if their positions are filled.
You downline can refer and cause spillunders.
Your direct referrals will follow you into your new matrix once they cycle.
The company places new members into a random empty spot.

In conclusion, cycling becomes easier as times passes.


Every single time you cycle, you earn $100 in commissions and get automatically re-entered into the program (a $33 value) thereby opening a new 2x2 matrix. If any of your direct referrals cycle you get paid a $20 bonus.

After you cycle and open a new matrix, you repeat the process and earn $100 again the next time you cycle.

When your referrals from your previous matrix cycle, they will then be placed under you in your new matrix. All members always follow their sponsor. As time passes, it will start to become easier for you to cycle.

Once you receive commissions you need to login into your backoffice, click on "withdrawals" and request for your commissions to be paid. A processing fee of $3 - $5 may apply to cover transaction fees of our payment processor.

In conclusion, members can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars with this program with a single payment of $33.

You will need a free AlertPay account to make payment and receive commissions.

Click here to get one now!

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