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  1. Coach Darren says:

    Dean great info here. I also have the Pure Leverage marketing tools. I think people miss the mark and don’t understand you can use this for any busiiness your in to build and grow that business. Dean you put it all together in this blog post sir. Great video on how this works with empower also. Wishing you the best in all you do!

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      Thanks my man…I wasen’t sure what kind of tools I would get with Pure Leverage, but let me just say..They are pretty cool..Pretty much everything you need to succeed in any business. Thanks, and Good luck as well!

  2. Jim says:

    So is this for someone who already has a business,but needs something to get it out there.

    • Dean Goncalves says:

      This is for anyone.. if you have a business, or looking to start their own business and make money. When you have zero experience..It helps to have a system that covers 99% of the issues you will encounter. Good luck

  3. Henrik Oelund says:

    Hi Dean
    Thanks for setting me straight 🙂
    BW Henrik

  4. arlen says:

    Hey Dino, wanted to sign up under you in pure leverage / couldnt / I have filled out a couple of P.L.Capture pages before I found you I want to sign up but only if I can sign up under you.
    thanks arlen vernimo

  5. arlen says:

    Hey dino email me and let me know what to do thanks arlen vernimo

  6. Dean Goncalves says:

    Sounds like a Plan Chris..Ill be here my friend..BUT please do jump on this as soon as you can..This is growing leaps and bounds..whoever works hard and gets in early, has a HUGE advantage. Looking forward to you joining my team, and succeeding!

  7. darcel says:

    I don’t have a website yet or even a business. I don’t know the first thing about running an internet business. I am just totally lost. Can you give me some info on what you think I can get into, maybe affiliate programs and which ones you think could help me be successful?

  8. timothy loi says:

    dean im from malaysia i have lot of questions regarding pure leverage if you can give me answers i will join under you

  9. Paul Massey says:

    Not only is Pure Leverage the most complete tool suite I’ve yet seen
    online,the Top Class training via the video conferencing within the
    suite itself is second to none.

    Not only did I join Pure Leverage for the income potential it offers
    through the resell commissions,I plan to market my ASEA business along
    with various other income streams as I build my list through the PL
    tool suite.

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