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We make it easy for you to earn $412,500.00 USD every 25 weeks for 2 years by underwriting your income for each area you order with our 'No Failure Income Guarantee' - we pay Commission for listings whether sold or not providing you get 175 properties listed using any/all of the revenue streams we provide you with!

PropertyWikia Affiliate’s ‘Guaranteed No Failure Income’ Plan:

  • We guarantee to sell/rent all properties listed within 12 weeks (AVG. 8).
  • Commission is paid on sale/rental of your properties however, if we fail to sell/rent a property within 12 weeks we will pay YOU and the owner $165.00 USD recurring Compensation each week until it's sold/rented. If listed by an agent, both the agent and their client/owner do not get paid Compensation, however you still do! More about Compensation...
  • If we fail to sell/rent any property listed by affiliates in any level of your entire down-line we’ll pay YOU $16.50 USD Compensation Overrides each week until we do.

Each area you order will bump-up your 'No Failure Income Guaranteed' income:

  • Your first area guarantees you will get paid a minimum of $412,500.00 USD within 25 weeks whatever happens on the proviso you validate the guarantee.
  • Commission for listings made on your account is paid out every 30 days as you earn it, and your guarantee pays out (tops up your income if required) every 25 weeks in the event that you fail to bank the guaranteed $412,500.00 USD because we didn't sell/rent your listings.
  • Additional areas come with their own 2 year 'Guaranteed No Failure Income' guarantee, so each area you add to your sales territory increases your guaranteed fail-proof income by $412,500.00 USD .
  • When your sales territory consists of 3 areas, your guaranteed fail-proof income will be 3x $412,500.00 USD = $1,237,500.00 USD .
  • Your guarantees have 4x 25 week milestones and will payout $412,500.00 USD at each one if you don't earn $412,500.00 USD after validating your guarantee (maximum of 4 payouts in 2 years possible per guarantee).

PropertyWikia is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn $412,500.00 USD within 25 weeks and we give you 3 revenue streams to achieve 175 listings easily.

  • To earn the $412,500.00 USD all you have to do is find property and/or get others to do it for you!
  • You either need to find 125 properties and we need to sell them all or... get 175 listed in order to validate your guarantee and you'll get paid irrespective if we sell them or not!

Every listing that appears on your affiliate account counts toward the 175 validation target.

  • Revenue stream 1 - you can find properties yourself.
  • Revenue stream 2 - you can add strategic areas to leverage listings made by other people to validate any of your guarantees. All listings that create an 'ALO' Override count towards your 175 validation target.
  • Revenue stream 3 - you can refer other affiliates into the level below and they will do the same to create a down-line of up to 19 levels deep. All listings from the affiliates in each level count towards your own guarantee's 175 validation target.

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Affiliate's Income Disclaimer:
 I understand that a certified accountant or tax consultant should be consulted once I've started receiving Commission from PropertyWikia which is paid out gross (no taxes deducted) because I'm classed as 'self employed'. I agree that it's my responsibility to make arrangements to pay my taxes as set out by my country's laws and remove any liability for non-payment of taxes from PropertyWikia and/or any parent or related company. PropertyWikia will share earnings data with the UK tax authorities only. PropertyWikia cannot and will not advise you on any financial or taxation matter as we are not a registered financial advisor. Once your first Commission payment arrives and banked you MUST seek advice upon the matter. We cannot be held liable for your personal tax affairs and upon submitting this property listing you agree to and understand this term fully.

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  • 1 ---- When you create a basic listing using the ‘PAL’ marketing tool, it is your sole responsibility to make the highest possible quality basic listing to give PropertyWikia the best marketing tool to help you introduce the associated property owner in order to obtain a sale.
  • 2 ---- You hereby agree to remove any liability whatsoever from PropertyWikia if any basic listing does not contain a reasonable amount of accurate content in order to introduce the associated owner.
  • 3 ---- You must not include any of your name or contact details in any basic listing.
  • 4 ---- You will only include details and a description relevant to the basic property listing and its local area and other relevant required information requested by the PAL marketing tool in order to make a professional basic listing.
  • 5 ---- Your basic listings can only be used to introduce owners.
  • 6 ---- Your basic listings cannot be used directly to make a sale without the associated owner of the property having first updated the listing with their own contact details.
  • 7 ---- The sale of any basic listing must be transacted by the owner of the associated property.
  • 8 ---- Your basic listings must not contain images belonging to and/or infringe the copyright of an agent or realtor.
  • 9 ---- If you list or encourage the listing of any property falsely or fictitiously or prevent PropertyWikia from obtaining a sale for your property listing then your account(s) in question will be immediately terminated and any commission unpaid since our last commission payout will remain sole property of PropertyWikia.
  • 10 ---- If you list or encourage the listing of any property containing abusive, racial hate, illegal, pornographic, adult related, vulgar, obscene, offensive, defamatory, libellous or any other content deemed to be not relative to the property industry that causes us or a customer concern or complaint then your account(s) in question will be immediately terminated without notice and any commission unpaid since our last commission payout will remain sole property of PropertyWikia.
  • 11 ---- If you cheat PropertyWikia in any way then your account(s) in question will be immediately terminated without notice and any commission unpaid since our last commission payout will remain sole property of PropertyWikia.
  • 12 ---- You give PropertyWikia permission to remove any basic listing without notice if the listing breaches any of the terms and conditions of this agreement and/or terms and conditions of use and/or terms and conditions of service and you hereby agree to remove any liability whatsoever from PropertyWikia for the removal of your listing.
  • 13 ---- You will not get paid compensation for basic listings until the property’s owner has updated the property listing and we have not achieved a sale within 12 weeks.
  • 14 ---- It is your responsibility to introduce the associated owner of any basic listing you create.
  • 15 ---- It is your responsibility to include the agent’s contact details of any basic listing in the marketing section of the PAL marketing tool in order to introduce the agent. You must not do this anymore than two (2) times for the same salesperson working for an agency.