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GeoString is simply a string of your contacts and their
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Each week when your affiliate earnings and stats are sent, the email
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How it works: is an online marketing company.
Our sponsors pay us to put their message in
front our members. In turn, we pay you for becoming
an opt in member of our program.
The advertising revenues from our sponsors
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When do I cash out?
You'll be simply amazed how fast your free paycheck accumulates with this program.
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Because account balances accumulate so quickly, we pay you everytime your account balance reaches $100.
If your account balance is greater than $100 at the end of a month,
a check will be mailed to you on or before the 10th of the following month (Example:
your balance is $450 at the end of April, your check will be mailed on or before May 10th).
Paying at these intervals puts less of a strain on our
accounting department and insures more efficient payments to our members.
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