Hi all,

I am not the admin of this program


The new add-on program of FastCashLevels is being launched tomorrow -
that's 02/19/2011 at 12:00PM EST

The main requirements of this program are:

You must be upgraded to at least level 1 within FastCashLevels main program($5)
You must have at least one position within the 4x4 matrix ($10)

After you have completed these criteria (both of which will earn you a nice residual income in the long-term),
you can purchase as many positions as you like within the 2x2. The beauty of this is that each position only costs $15
and every one that buys a position after you goes into your matrix downline. When these cause you to cycle,
each position will pay $42, $50 or $55. Referrals make no difference in this matrix as every goes into
your matrix regardless of whether they were referred there or not.

Taken from the website:

You have 1 to 5 positions in the 4x4 => You earn $42 per cycle in the 2x2
You have 5 to 10 positions in the 4x4 => You earn $50 per cycle in the 2x2
You have 10 or more positions in the 4x4 => You earn $55 per cycle in the 2x2

COST PER POSITION IN THE 2X2 IS ONLY $15 (one-time fee per position, no subscription)

The second great thing about this 2x2 forced cycler, is that the matrix runs
only on the weekends from Saturday to Sunday. Every sunday, all the
uncycled positions are taken and put right at the very top of a fresh matrix
in the following week, so they will be the ones to cycle first when the whole
process is repeated. In short, if you don't cycle the first week, you will in the 2nd week at no extra cost.

As you can see, it pays to get in early in this type of thing, so take a look and if you register, be at your computer at 12:00PM EST tomorrow and get in early at the launch!

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